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Jun 142019

The Communist Party of nada condemns the violence and murders by elements of the Sudanese military against peaceful protesters in Sudan, and we ll upon the federal government to take concrete action against Saudi Arabia and other supporters of Sudan’s military regime.

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Jun 122019

The 39th Central Convention of the Communist Party Of nada condemns the ongoing aggression against the people and government of Venezuela organized by the ruling classes of the USA, nada and the EU with the complicity of Venezuela’s reactionary pitalist class. The Communist Party Of nada extends its unreserved solidarity to the people of Venezuela and their democratilly elected government led by President Nicolas Maduro Moros. Continue reading »

Jun 082019

The report issued on June 3 by the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls, Reclaiming Power and Place, is a stunning indictment of the genocidal record and policies of the nadian state, and a powerful ll for immediate action towards justice and equality. The Communist Party of nada extends our solidarity to all those who courageously testified to the Inquiry over the last three years, and supports their demands for a genuine transformation of this society. Continue reading »

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